Have you ever thought to spread your messages abroad?

Would you like to consider an extended and empowered media planning for your campaign?

We can do it for and with YOU!

Taxis identify a very well-defined target: the travellers, for business or tourism, big-spending, high-profiled, luxury lovers.

This target travels a lot, he’s curious, careful. As a consequence, we can say that the features of taxis are the best to reach this international audience.

That’s why Medialease can help you to reach a very well-defined audience abroad, by an effective dynamic tool fully and freely branding!

There are so many opportunities for your brand to be known!

It’s a unique opportunity to communicate in an easy way to the fashionable mid-upper class that loves to travel and is sensible to new trends.

This takes place thanks to the London Black Taxi Advertising branding by Medialease as a national exclusive for the whole year.

More class and more style for your brand: with Medialease and Taxi advertising on London’s red carpet!

If you are interested in this proposal, you’d like to get an overview of all the possibilities for your advertising or you simply need more information, please contact us.

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