We select the most performing networks at a local and national level.

We work with the best partners to guarantee the best effectiveness of our advertising by radio and we update constantly about the new opportunities to find out the most innovative formats.

From tabular formats to special solutions, untive the most creative opportunities: thanks to our solid partnership with local and national networks, basing on out client’s needs we can offer one or more solutions to spread the messages.

Our Solutions:


Adv, sampling, special formats; local, b2b, magazines, inflight editions.

One of the strength points of the press advertisinf is that it can reach a wide target and, at the same time, completely alligned with the communication.

Thanks to Medialease, you won’t take care about contacting each editor: you just tell us the target you like to hit, then we will find out the best solution for you.

Basing on the information received and on our research activities, we will make an analysis before the campaign starts to understand the current situation of the company and market.

Then, wi will fix out the most performing magazines/newspapers for the planning.


Special formats, branded box, billboards, product placement: television advertising for brand awareness and product trading.

TV is the excellence in advertising: a traditional media that can be refreshed, without giving up to its historical power.

We can count on solid cooperations with the best italian editors, to offer a planning alligned with the requests.

We can propose special formats and initiatives at a local, national and international level, to match each need in terms of budget, effectiveness, goals, creativity and penetration.


Spots, quotes, special formats.

Our job is to support the client in planning the whole campaign, so:

  • Make analysis alligning with the KPI
  • Plan with quality and performance
  • Communicate constantly with the client updating him about the planning development
  • Offer new opportunities