Trading Unit


What happens when a company has exhausted or doesn’t have enough budget, but it needs to plan an advertising campaign? How can it push its sales and promotions?

In this case, the solution can be: Corporate Barter 


More than simple planning, beyond ordinary media buying: MediaLease, with its entrepreneurial attitude, supports the client in managing their communication and business needs.

Our Unit Specialists establish a real partnership with the client, so as to be able to satisfy their true needs.

The our company can develop its campaign in Italy or abroad, optimizing the investments in communication and, at the same time counting on a skilled partner for the trade of goods.

Within our team there is also a TRADING UNIT

Our specialists have experience in operating worldwide in the B2B market. We act in the world of trading between companies.

Medialease can offer the right support to all the companies for all the markets: automotive, food, beverage and FMCG, luxury, jewels, fashion, OTC pharma, industry, tourism and leisure, furniture and household products.

To exploit the real benefits of media barter, it’s necessary to consider three important steps, by which we can evaluate the best cooperation and offer the best service:



The company gives Medialease the product list and the technical tabs, so that Medialease can easily define the best guidelines from a trade and media planning points of view.

We agree the value for the product basing on the client’s indications, then we define together the black lists concerning the markets and channels in which it’s not possible to sell the product.


We share the brief with the client to analyze needs, goals and targets.

We take this information and give it to our media buyers, so that they can proceed with the most performing adv tools.


Totally respectful of the limits and indications agreed, we take care about the sell out of the products, finding out both alternative and new channels in Italy and abroad, exploiting our network to create effective synergies between those companies which can make business together.

Corporate Barter


The Corporate Barter is an important plus by Medialease, to solve the gap between the need to develop an advertising campaign and the budget you need to invest for it.

The built-in benefits related to Corporate Barter:

  • Goods allocation inside the network or in new channels.
  • The whole possibility to communicate strategically and reach the goals.

Medialease’s Corporate Barter changes your company problems (unsold stock; reaching corporate goals; visibility) in opportunity:

  • Performing media planning accordance with guideline received and with optimized price.
  • Evaluation and correct placement of products and respect for product resale agreements.

Corporate Barter can make the difference between companies

It allows them to protect the assets, develop efficient advertsing campaigns, optimize the trade of goods in overflow. It’s all about sharing your issues with an expert, cross-tasking and reliable partner.

On the above statements

Let’s bounce ourselves into the following considerations


Has anyone of your media provider ever sold your products?


Is anyone of your suppliers also a client of yours at the same time?

To sum up:

You sell products that we anyway buy, and we provide services that you anyway buy.

As simple as that