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MediaLease is an independent corporation with strong know-how in international media planning & buying, the development of multi-channel advertising campaigns and special marketing projects dedicated to brand & product communication.

It works on local, national and international levels, through partnerships and performance agreements and it gives support to the companies in terms of media buying, business development and corporate barter.

Independence, partnership, problem solving, network and transversality: these are the values on which our company bases and that drives each action, approach, project, solution.

MediaLease is the ideal partner for those companies who needs and wants to communicate abroad: thanks to the network of partners and know-how of trade & marketing specialists, MediaLease can manage european and worldwide campaigns.

Thanks to its business nature, it can give support and help the client in managing his communication as well as his business.

The media planners that compose our units base their job on networking, as it’s all about partnership with clients and suppliers: this way, we can face and satisfy the real needs of every market.

Within our team there is a MEDIA UNIT, that supports companies in terms of media planning and business development.

More than simple planning, beyond ordinary media buying

MediaLease, with its entrepreneurial attitude, supports the client in managing their communication and business needs. Our Unit Specialists establish a real partnership with the client, so as to be able to satisfy their true needs.

In Medialease there are specialists with experience in planning campaigns and in media buying specifically tailored to the needs of different market.

Our company can develop its campaign in Italy or abroad, optimizing the investments in communication and, at the same time counting on a skilled partner for the trade of goods.

Infact within our team there is also a TRADING UNIT: our specialists have experience in operating worldwide in the B2B market. We act in the world of trading between companies.

Medialease moves on several levels in the advertising marketing and works as a real full partners for the clients:


We work with the best players on demand, providing our expertise to offer tactical solutions that can support integrated strategical operations on campaigns at the best.


We provide our know-how to complete the creative work by integrating media planning & buying operations and, thanks to this complementarity, we can offer to the client a whole turn-key final service.


We can offer tailor-suited solutions to those companies who need support in developping their business and communication: our tailor-made projects and our specialists work as craftsmen exploiting the powerful draft of our network.

The independent media company

Medialease  is a media company that, basing on its values such as transparency and performance, chooses independence: this means that it doesn’t have any agreement with any supplier, so it can offer with transparency the best solutions for each activity.

Medialease is different from standard media agencies: our policy makes us unique and opened to all the opportunities every time.